Part time P/T-Bookkeeping Coordinator/Data Entry

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P/T-Bookkeeping Coordinator/Data Entry

A Part-time Bookkeeping Coordinator/Data Entry role involves managing financial records, reconciling accounts, processing invoices, and ensuring accurate data entry using various accounting software. This position requires attention to detail, organization, and a strong understanding of bookkeeping principles to support efficient and precise financial operations within an organization.

Additionally, the Part-time Bookkeeping Coordinator/Data Entry role entails maintaining confidentiality while handling sensitive financial information. Responsibilities may include generating financial reports, assisting in payroll management, and ensuring compliance with accounting standards. Proficiency in software tools such as QuickBooks, Excel, or other accounting systems is often essential, enabling effective management of financial data and facilitating informed decision-making processes. Successful candidates in this role demonstrate reliability, accuracy, and a proactive approach to contribute effectively to the organization’s financial stability and growth.

Moreover, the Part-time Bookkeeping Coordinator/Data Entry position often involves collaborating with other departments to ensure seamless financial processes. Effective communication skills are valuable for interacting with clients, vendors, and internal stakeholders, providing clarity on financial matters and resolving any discrepancies efficiently. Attention to detail is pivotal in reconciling accounts, verifying entries, and maintaining an organized financial database. This role plays a crucial part in supporting the overall financial health of the business by facilitating accurate and timely financial reporting and analysis, contributing to informed decision-making at different levels within the organization.

P/T-Bookkeeping Coordinator/Data Entry

(*Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following):

  • Daily Data Entry
  • Payment Posting
  • *Posting Cash Adjustments reports
  • *Posting Checks
  • Generating & mailing overpayment letters to patients


  • Familiarity with Hospital Systems and Billing Process
  • Basic QuickBooks experience
  • Strong Math Skills
  • Must be Detail Oriented
  • Excel knowledge (a plus)
  • CLS/Collection Master knowledge (a plus)

Compensation Package:

We offer a comprehensive benefits program which includes:  Medical, Dental, Vision.  In addition: 401k plan with match, PTO, etc., Most benefits require a 90-day eligibility period.  Salary to be discussed during Interview.

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