know how much Earn Zerodha Founder’s and Nitin Kamet

See how much is the real salary of Zerodha founder: Nitin Kamet wife also gets Rs
Exclusive: Zerodha's Kamath brothers and Seema Patil to get up to Rs 100 Cr  as salary

Zerodha founders Nitin and Nikhil Kamat

Zerodha founder: Nitin Kamet received a total of ₹195.4 crore as compensation last financial year (FY 2022-23). Out of this, both of them get Rs 72 crore each as their annual salary. Entrackr reported that received


Also, Zerodha founder whole-time director and CEO Nitin Kamat’s wife Seema Patil also got a salary of ₹ 36 crore. Chief Operating Officer Venu Madhav Rs 15.4 crore. Received take home salary.

In FY22, the Board will grant a maximum of Rs 100 crore to 3 directors. Approved. But, this is not their actual salary. But it clarified that liquidity and risk needs are the limit. Regarding this, Nitin Kamath’s tweet also clarified about his salary through a series of tweets.


controversy surrounding

The unnecessary controversy surrounding this whole salary news of Seema (my wife) and me surprises me .Headlines are misleading. We’re a private company and don’t need to clarify, but we posted that we felt we had to because there were people who misinterpreted it.


Zerodha employee benefits expense rose by 35.7% to ₹ 623 crore in FY23. Companies made salary payments totaling ₹ 380 crore, with ₹ 236 crore designated for ESOPs in cash.


Zerodha financial dominance in FY23

Zerodha founder: emerges as the most profitable entity in India’s startup landscape. The Bengaluru-headquartered broking firm disclosed revenue of ₹ 6,875 crore in FY23.


This reflects a substantial 38.5% increase compared to ₹ 4,964 crore in FY22. Net profit also increased by 39% from ₹ 2,094 crore to ₹ 2,907 crore.

company annual profit

The company’s value is roughly 10 times its annual profit, amounting to ₹ 30,000 crore. The Kamat brothers are among the highest paid Indian startup founders. Despite facing a series of technical issues in recent months, Zerodha has maintained its position as the market leader. 


According to Entrackr, Groww has now taken the lead among stock broking platforms, surpassing Zerodha in number of active users. As of September 2023, Groww has 6.63 million active users, surpassing Zerodha’s 6.48 million, according to national stock exchange data.FOLLOW US:

‘I quickly realised that Nikhil is a better trader than I am’: Nithin Kamath on the origins of Zerodha

Earlier too, Nithin Kamath had said in his blog that they started Zerodha as a small team, with no pedigree education, no background in tech, and no experience but only a passion for capital markets.

Zerodha founder and CEO Nithin Kamath

Zerodha founder and CEO Nithin Kamath said that he realised in the early days of trading that his brother and Zerodha co-founder Nikhil Kamath is a better trader than he is. He said that he moved on to broking before starting Zerodha, and Nikhil Kamath continued as a trader.

Speaking at WTF is with Nikhil Kamath podcast’s latest episode, ‘WTF is Health’, with

Suniel Shetty, an actor, and Mukesh Bansal, founder of Myntra and Cult . The guests were fit, and the Zerodha founder said that Zerodha was not meant to be what it is today.

“I quickly realised that Nikhil is a better trader than I am because at that point of time we were trading money and I was also doing this side hustle of broking business. In 2008-09 I said if he is better at trading than me then why not he continue trading and maybe I can go to broking permanently. So in 2010 we started Zerodha. “it started off as…I mean it was not meant to be what it is today.” Nithin Kamath said, “I remember sending the first e-mail, saying that if we arrive at 10,000 customers, we have arrived in life… now we are at 1.1 crore customers.”

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Nithin Kamath said that they moved to Bengaluru in 1996, from where he completed his schooling and telecommunications engineering. “First years were all the common Physics, Chemistry, and Math. The first class in my third year they were trying to teach us signals and systems. I was like ‘what is happening’. That was the last I saw of my college,” he said. 

The Zerodha founder said that he was introduced to trading after that.. “Back in the day I used to work in the Weekender showrooms, and then I did multilevel marketing.He added that he was one of the first few guys doing multi-level marketing in the late 90s.He added that he was one of the first few guys doing multi-level marketing in the late 90s.

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Speaking about the origins of Zerodha

Speaking about the origins of Zerodha founder: Nithin Kamath said that around 2001, he went bust trading and had to join a call centre, where he worked for 3-4 years. “Nikhil picked trading the markets much before I did in terms of my age because he is 7 years younger.. By 15-16 he was already trading. worked in a call centre between 2001-05. I learnt all my life skills at the call centre. I think the real skill set I learnt was selling on the phone. Even today as businessmen you are constantly selling. Quit in 2005 and started a franchisee of a bigger brokerage firm,” he said. He went on to start Zerodha in 2010. 

Nithin Kamath, along with Zerodha, also runs the Rainmatter fintech fund, and sets up the Rainmatter Foundation that was intended to give back to the society.

Earlier too, he had said in his blog that they started Zerodha as a small team, with no pedigree education, no background in tech, and no experience but only a passion for capital markets. Zerodha is the largest retail brokerage firm in India – something he said that they achieved without advertising or raising any external capital or debt. “It took us a slow and steady 10 years along with a lot of luck,” he had said in the blog. 

The Zerodha founder: said the biggest problem to solve in India is to spread wealth inclusively and not just in the top one percent. “he said that capturing wealth creation by a large subset of Indians is only possible when Indian businesses do well.”

Nitin Kamet said today that most wealth gets captured outside India. “We have to nudge Indian retail investors to move some of their assets from FDs, gold, and real estate to back Indian entrepreneurs and maybe help the country grow inclusively,” he added. 

We also get regular health checkups. Nothing in life can guarantee perfect health. Regular checkups help you spot issues early and act on them. This is the best we can do,” said Kamath.


Recently, Zerodha founder: Nitin Kamet participated in a discussion alongside his brother and business partner, Nikhil Kamath, actor Suniel Shetty, and Myntra and founder Mukesh Bansal. During the discussion, they shared personal stories about how fitness has positively impacted their careers.


In the conclusion of his Twitter post, Nithin Kamath clarified the roles he and his brother play within Zerodha, He said that Nikhil manages public market investments and hosting a celebrity discussion podcast, while Nithin handles Zerodha founder: Nitin Kamet business operations and private investments through the Rainmatter foundation.

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